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The future of Lapis Lazuli

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Hi everyone! Time for us to let you know what is happening in the Lapis Lazuli camp.

As you probably know, we have parted ways with Meliesa and currently stand without a vocalist. She covered the reasons well enough in her letter to you guys, so we wont go into that much more. We have begun the search for a replacer, and its going well! We have gotten several responses and a couple of them seem really interresting. Nothing is decided yet though, but we will keep you updated on the matter.

Following the break with Meliesa, we have decided not to release My Mortal Stain. The reason is partly due do major musical differences between the producer and us which means that if we would want to release it, we would have ro redo the whole production. Another reason is that we arent happy with all the songs anymore. Some of the old songs may have represented Lapis Lazuli in 2008, but not in 2011. Instead, we will be releasing an demo/EP/whatever with 5-6 songs as soon as possible. We will begin the recordings in March and hope to have it all done mid-April, presuming we have found a new vocalist by then. And this time we are not bullshitting you on the ETA, since we will be handling the whole production ourselves. The idea is to release something every 3 months or so, so during 2011 we hope to be able to put out atleast 3 releases. This will give us a chance to keep you guys updated all the time, instead of having to wait 3 fucking years (!) between releases. And dont worry; we have shitloads of material ready for release, so we wont run out of songs.

Following the release plan for the coming year, we also feel the need to apologize for leaving you guys in silence. We have been insanely bad at keeping you guys updated on whats happening, and we will do our best to break that bad habit. Be shure to check our Facebook, Twitter and Youtube channels for updates and new stuff, and we will try our best to send it your way.

//Lapis Lazuli

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