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The music of A justified loss

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To keep the tradition from ”Tides of sorrow” and ”A loss made forever” alive im going to write a little about the music on the new album ”A justified loss”

Facing demons

An instrumental intro. Very orchestral, fast paced.
A good song to set the mood of the album.
Was actually written a long time ago

Leaving Scars

Written this summer. right after the release of the previous album. Does not really have verses or choruses. Its
just new parts all the time, just the way I like it. Makes it very unpredictable and fun to listen to.


The most unique song of the album very heavy.
the verses sounds like they are sung by a big choir, but its actually only me and frida. with us both singing on about 10 tracks each, at the same time. This song is very growl based.

Angel without wings

This is actually an old song that was featured on ”My mortal stain” (The album that never got released).
It’s slightly changed from back then though, the lyrics is diffrent, and I also lifted out the second verse and replaced it with a new very catchy part. Contains both me and frida singing clean vocals. and also some growl.

Burning Bridges

This song was written between recording and mixing of ”A loss made forever”
One of my favourites of the album, catchy melodies.


A ballad. This song was written right after we released our first album in 2006 and it was also on ”My mortal stain”, but with diffrent vocal melodies and lyrics. This is the original version of the song.


Was never meant to be a Lapis Lazuli song, and that’s the reason I wrote the lyrics and am singing on it.
But we decided that it would fit the album well. So we decided to use it.

Faith Forgotten

Was actually written before we recorded ”A loss made forever” but didn’t fit that album. works way better on this one. very orchestral and big.

Leave it all behind
A calm instrumental song.

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