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The lyrics on ”A Justified Loss”

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Hey guys!

Once again, its time to tell you a little about the lyrics on the new album, ”A Justified Loss”. I will cover all the songs except ”Lies”, since Timo wrote the lyrics on that one.

Leaving Scars

This one is about facing your problems in different ways, and how it is easier to have someone by your side when life is heading the wrong direction. Facing your fears, surrounded by friends, to sum it up. This is one of the songs i am most happy about, it has a nice flow and it fit the overall feel of the song.


”High” is about getting involved in fights that are not yours to handle, getting dragged into conflict you have no desire to be involved in. No matter the scale of the conflict, its something we never enjoy and often try to distance ourselves from, hiding from them. Its also about not wanting to choose side, which can lead to being left out in the middle.

Angel Without Wings

These lyrics where written a long time ago, and it tells a story about someone who have found that person who makes them feel whole, their personal Messiah if you want. Call it love, friendship or whatever, but its about that person who brings forth the best in you and just makes you want to try harder.

Burning Bridges

This one is about walking over fire for something or someone, to sacrifice everything for the cause, no matter the consequense. This was written shortly after the tragedy in Oslo and i was greatly influenced by that event. He was blinded by his vision, and did whatever he felt he had to do to achieve his goal, no matter how horrible his actions where. This is also a song that i feel very strongly about, possibly because the event that it was based on affected me greatly.

Faith Forgotten

The last one is about taking that last step to a new future, to risk something in order to gain something else. To have the courage to try and change your life in some direction. Some people are afraid to make a change because they fear what they dont know, and instead they stay where they are even if they are unhappy because they are afraid of what might be. This one is about finding the courage to make that change, to take the leap into the unknown.


Thats it for this time, enjoy!



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