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The past and the future

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Hey people!

I write this to let you guys know what is happening in the band. And also what has being going on.
So here it is:

As you probably know alot has happened in Lapis Lazuli over the last few months.
The band ran into a wall in January. The main focus of the band has always been love for music. However in the last 2 years the focus shifted more and more towards only getting famous for the sake of being famous and that really took a toll on the music and how we preformed live.
Approximately during the last 2 years we rehearsed around 4-5 times with the full band.
That resulted in us getting worse and worse in the livepreformances. And coming to gigs and not being prepared, forgetting lyrics and what to play is just showing total lack of respect towards the audience that come to see us as well as to ourselves and the music. It came to the point that I was ashamed to go on stage/play live and listen to what we had become.

Note that this is not me pointing fingers, I have just as big part in this as anyone else.

In hindsight it is easy to say what we did wrong, but it is also important to actually see and understand that fact to be able to learn from it and to change things for the better.
So in january, after months of a really bad mood in the band, we had a really long talk and we decided that we finally wanted to do something about it and work things out.
We decided to take a break from everything so we didn’t have any preassure on us, and work on our problems from within the band.
Frida wasn’t intressted in taking a part of this solution so she left the band immediately.

So the rest of us just started to reherse again to slowly find the spirit again.

So two months ago I got the somehow insane idea of instead of going the normal way around to find a singer (Putting up ads and so on) I thought I should try to just try to find one myself. So I browsed youtube for a few days and finally I stumbled across Cecilia’s Sleeping sun cover on youtube.

I was totally stunned by her voice, I felt alot of potential in it and how well she would fit our music. So I kept listening for a few days and then finally asked the rest of the band what they thought. So I sent it to them and they fell in love with her voice immediately.

So I deciced to contact her (like a shot in the dark). And here many wierd coincidences came into play.
I didn’t really think that we would have a real chance of her wanting to join us. But it turned out that she already knew about us, liked our music and was just about to contact us herself! So we deciced that she should come and try to sing with us and to hang out and it all worked out really well. We had fun and it sounded awsome. And the rest you can read about in Cecilias previous blog entries.

So here we are now, the band is completely rebooted and everything is up and running again! And we are having a blast! And that is really the important thing! That its fun to play and that we love to do it. How are the audience going to be able to like what we do when we dont like to do it ourselves? Right?
We are more focused than ever to suceed and to share our passion for music with all of you.
I am really excited about showing you guys ”Lost”. To me it is by far our best piece of work. It’s was more diverce than anything we have done in the past.
And I can promise you guys that the realease isn’t far away. Probably sooner than you think. And we also have something really cool planned for the release, but more on that later!

Peace off (And if you sneezed while reading this blog, bless you)

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