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Alot of people have been asking me about how I write music. So I thought that I should share a little insight with you of how I work with a few examples.

I start of by making a very rough draft of the song, with all the instruments programmed or played on keyboard. Pretty much allways containing the core instruments. Drums, 2 guitars (one on the right side, one on the left), bass, vocals and 5-30 keyboardtracks depending on how complex the arrangements are. With the vocalmelody played with a keyboard sound just to remember it.
I allways start with the intro of the song, then arrange it until its finnished, then move on to the verses and so on. So I don’t work like most composers do, and write the song first, then arranging it. I arrange as I write. So this is how the song sounds in the first stage.

The song I use in this example is floating away.

This is the point where I send the song to the rest of the band to get the opinions and for them to learn the song.
Then lyrics for the vocalmelodies are written, in the past I have just been sending the demos to Johan so he could write the lyrics but in this case I had to do it myself since he had quit the band when this was written.
Then when the lyrics are done I usually record a very rough version of them with me singing them just to make sure that they work and have the right feel, we also get some rough guitars on at this point to get a better feel on what the song will be like. Its also a fairly good way to show the singer what I have in mind.


Then its time to make the real recordings, so we use the demo as a base, then everybody rerecords and replaces the programmed versions of their instrument from the demo. (Offcourse adding there own flavour to the tracks).
We keep the keyboard tracks from the demos however, there are no need to replace them. I spend alot of time arranging them on the demostage of the song.


This is pretty much how I write all my music, and all our songs exists in these 3 forms.
Let me know if you want to know more.


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