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The Campaign is over!

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Ladies and gentlemen!
The indiegogo campaign is over and we manage to raise 2980€ (A bit over 4000 USD). That is a huge success and we did not really expect this to go as well as it did! We had 89 funders for the project!
So a HUGE thank you goes out to all of you that have helped us by contributing and spreading the word about the campaign! It has been a blast doing this with you guys!

We are working really hard right now with the recording of the album and we already have the keyboards, bass and vocals finished. We are starting working on the guitars tonight and we are also start tracking the drums tomorrow. We are expecting to have all the tracks ready by monday!

This is the tracklist for the album:
1. Prelude To Destruction
2. The Downfall Of Humanity: Downfall
3. Stay With Me
4. Perilous Sleep
5. The Downfall Of Humanity: The Fallen
6. Left Behind
7. Breaking The Chains
8. The Downfall Of Humanity: Endless Night
9. A World In Ruins


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