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He’s back!

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Ladies and gentlemen. It is with great pleasure we announce that our friend and the co-founder of Lapis Lazuli, Johan Karlsson, has decided to come back to the band again.
Johan was the guitarist of the band for the first 7 years and he has written almost all the lyrics for the first 5 albums. So his spirit runs deep in the band.
We are really excited about seeing where this will take us. Give a warm welcome to ”the new guy”!!

Statement from Johan: ”Hey guys! As said, i am once again a part of Lapis Lazuli. When i got in touch with the band after a long break from playing, the timing just felt right and i am very psyched to be a part of it all again. It feels great to connect with the guys again, and im also looking forward to play with Cecilia, who impressed me right from the start when i first heard the ”Lost” demos. Hopefully i will make a difference for the better and raise this great band even higher!”

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