“ Lapis Lazuli hail from Sweden, and with this their latest release, they offer up a rather nice healthy dosage of Symphonic Metal, not too far away from Tarja era Nightwish, although perhaps not as bombastic. Now fronted by Cecilia Kamf after the departure of Frida Eurenius in January, we have 13 rather tasty numbers here to sink your teeth into. My only gripe is the track ‘No Escape’ that features male growls and nothing but male growls. There is nothing wrong with that, but it just seems a little out of place on this release. Anyway, there are a host of corking Symphonic tunes here including the openers ‘Overture’ and ‘Floating Away’, the 7 minute plus and one of my faves ‘Darker Shade Of Me’, the catchy ‘Forgive, Never Forget’, and ‘Illusions’ with vocal duties on this number shared with keys man and founder member Timo Hautamäki I believe. Overall, this is a good release from the Swedes, and to be perfectly frank, I am surprised that they have not as yet caught the attention of a bigger label. ”
Dave – Ravenheart music

“ The recipe was there for them to follow; and Lapis Lazuli put together a mixture that was a smooth as the most carefully baked cake. With the release of 2011′s “A Justified Loss,” keyboardist and band mastermind Timo Hautamäki had found all of the right ingredients for a successful symphonic metal band. but two years have passed, and some things have changed. Gone is vocalist Frida Eurenius, replaced by the soaring operatic style of Cecilia Kamf. Bassist Henrik Nyman, involved for years with the band, moves on, as Sandra Wallo joins the fold. When the vision of the band is in the eyes of one member, lineup changes often have no real effect on sound or structure. But despite Hautamäki still having his hands tightly on the reigns, he couldn’t help but let things evolve in the process. With the release of their new album, “Lost,” you find a band that might not have given up on their direction, but one that is certainly looking for a little lateral movement. ”
Darell Carey – Sorrow Eternal

“ From the opening “Overture” to “My Last Story”, Lost is one musical journey you will not mind finding your ears surrounded within. Swedish metal rockers Lapis Lazuli, who were formerly known as Aftermath, consider themselves a “symphonic metal orchestra”, which is wonderfully demonstrated on Lost. Cecilia Kamf’s powerful soprano vocals are comparable to some of the leaders in the genre. Hearing her vocals is worth the price of admission alone. However, Lapis Lazuli is blessed with orchestrated keyboards from Timo Hautamäki, who also performs lead male vocals. Deep and warm bass is performed by Sandra Wallo. Tobias Rhodin does all the excellent lead electric guitar work, and Jocke Ivarsson pounds home the solid drums. Lost is the band’s fourth full length album. ”
Pacific Prof – Sonic Cathdral

“ It’s sometimes amazing how one band can influence a generation of musicians. Nightwish certainly comes to mind, and one of the bands they influenced was the band under consideration here, Lapis Lazuli from Sweden. Band founder Timo Hautamaki allows that the idea for a symphonic metal band came to him in 2005 while watching a Nightwish DVD. After some introductory work, the original band did a release, and then another release under the name Aftermath, with an American vocalist, Meliesa McDonell, who Timo had worked with while McDonell was applying for the job as Nightwish’s new vocalist after the departure of Tarja. McDonell stayed with the band for a while, although she never actually met any of them, one of those long distance things, seems she preferred the beaches in. ”
Doctor T – 9/10

“ Let’s back to the main talk here, the musician ship includes a lot of orchestrations done by Timo Hautamaki. Those keyboards are working so well in this album. Timo knows how to spread a good atmosphere to fit in with the other figures, and that’s the right thing to do when you have a skilled keyboardist. The melodies and atmosphere are usually used in the front delivering catchy symphonies and harmonies throughout the album, ranging between majestic lovely symphonies as the tracks 9,2, Broken wings and Tides of Sorrow, to head banging effects in the tracks White Swan and Dark Lady Anthem. ”
kimiwind – Tides of great musical act – 95%

“ The album starts out with a lengthy intro track, aptly called “The Calm Before the Storm” which features bombastic synths and drums accompanied with Gregorian chant like male vocals. This is really marvellously done I must say, it is the kind of music you would expect at the start of an epic movie and works like magic as a start of the disc. Next up is “Broken Wings”, which displays one of Aftermaths styles of playing. The music on the first half of the disc is highly melodic, even somewhat “happy” perhaps, with a big role for the keyboard melodies (which are quite ingenious and highly catchy I might add). The guitar is present for most of the time and has some nice riffs giving the music just enough punch to still be metal. ”
ruigeroeland – ”Catchy as hell”-metal – 95%

“ As you can see, Lapis Lazuli is a band fronted by a female, and Marie is the one who adds the candy on the top of the cake. Marie is very talented singer, and she did a wonderful job chanting operatic vocals. Her voice is so beautiful and peaceful, and therefore enjoyable to hear. Apparently, she sings with heart, I was totally impressed by her performance in the song “Nature’s call». Meanwhile, occasionally, harsh vocals and male vocals appears with great strength, it supports and varieties the sound, again done by the mastermind Timo Hautamaki. ”
kimiwind – Lapis Lazuli – Last Hour – 95%

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